Air Purifiers For Families With Kids

With the air pollution situation deteriorating rapidly every year, air purifiers and face masks are not a luxury anymore. Each home needs an air purifier as much as they need a refrigerator. Even more so, homes with children less than 18 years of age and pregnant women. (Read more: Why Are Children More Affected By Air Pollution Than Adults?)
Here some pointers on what you should be looking for:

The Basics

  1. HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter is the most important element of an air purifier. It removes microscopic particles found outside your home like construction dust, smoke from heavy metal pollution caused by firecrackers, industrial chimneys, vehicular smoke amongst other toxins. These particles cannot be filtered out by any other filter other than HEPA.
  2. Carbon Filter
    There is no lack of pollutants inside our homes either. VOCs or volatile organic compounds are emitted from things at home like furniture polish, paint, carpet, glue, detergents, home cleaning sprays and plastics. They are known to cause respiratory and immune issues. Carbon filters help remove these from indoor air.
  3. Pre-Filter
    A pre-filter’s job is to reduce the load on the HEPA filter. It traps large particles, visible to the naked eye like dust, dander, hair etc ensuring that the HEPA only has to deal with particulate matter.
  4. CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate, is the rate at which air is cleaned out from a given room per hour. Above 200 m3/h is usually acceptable
  5. Room Size
    Room size influences the efficiency of an air purifier similar to how it affects an air conditioner. If you put a low capacity air purifier in a large room, it will not clean the air efficiently.

Bonus Features – not necessary, but good to have

  1. Real-Time PM2.5 Reading
    For those who need evidence that the air purifier is actually bringing down the pollution levels
  2. Quiet Operation
    a good split air conditioner indoor unit makes around 35 dB of noise. Air purifiers should ideally be less than that.
  3. Allergen & Virus Mode
    for families susceptible to weather changes and its accompanying allergies & infections
  4. Long Warranty Period
    1 year should be minimum, 2-3 years is ideal
  5. Sleep Mode
    Perfect for those with newborns who prefer low noise and light for a undisturbed sleep.

Following is a list of 5 air purifiers in order of how ideal they are for families in decreasing order of preference. They clear all the basic criteria as mentioned above and a few bonus features as well.

Rank 1 Philips AeraSense 2000

  1. HEPA, Carbon & Pre-Filter
  2. Coverage Area 441 sq. ft
  3. Clean Air Delivery Rate CADR: 333 m3/hr
  4. Real-time PM 2.5
  5. Dedicated Allergen, Bacteria, Virus auto modes
  6. Sleep Mode: Quietest 20 dB noise
  7. 100% ozone-free
  8. Warranty: 2 years on product
  9. Amazon Rank 4 in Air Purifiers
  10. Discount 28%

    Price Rs 16,999

Rank 2 Philips 3000 Series

  1. HEPA, Carbon & Pre-Filter
  2. Largest Room Coverage Area 818 sq. ft.
  3. Clean Air Delivery Rate 376 m3/hr
  4. Real-time PM2.5 measurement
  5. Dedicated Allergen mode
  6. Ultra Silent sleep mode
  7. 100% ozone-free
  8. Warranty: 2 years on product
  9. Amazon Rank 3 in HEPA Air Purifiers
  10. Discount 27%

Price Rs 22,999

Rank 3 Honeywell Air Touch

  1. HEPA, Carbon & Pre-Filters
  2. Coverage Area  387 sq. ft
  3. Clean Air Delivery Rate: CADR 300 m3/hr
  4. Real-time PM2.5 meter
  5. 100% ozone-free
  6. Warranty: 1 year on product
  7. Amazon Bestseller Rank 1
  8. Discount 24%

Rs 14,999

Rank 4 Honeywell  HAC25M1201W

honeywell air purifier

    1. HEPA, Carbon & Pre-Filters
    1. Area Covered 323 sq ft
    1. Clean Air Delivery Rate: CADR 250 m3/h
    1. Washable pre-filter
    2. Ozone Free
    3. Warranty: 1 year on site
    1. Amazon Bestseller Rank 1 in HEPA Air Purifiers
  1. Discount 22%

Rs 12,490

Rank 5 MI Air Purifier 2S

    1. HEPA, Carbon & Pre-Filters
    1. Area Covered 400 sq. ft.
    1. Clean Air Delivery Rate: CADR  310 m3/hr
    1. OLED display which shows real-time AQI, Temperature and Humidity levels
    1. Mobile App
    2. Ozone Free
    1. Warranty: 1 year on site
    1. Amazon’s Choice
  1. Discount 31%

Rs 8999