Smart Apps, Mosquito Trap & Real Time AQI Measure

A smart app which lets you control the air purifier, an inbuilt trap that captures mosquitoes, and air purifiers with pm2.5 reading, all built in. These are the 3 latest features that you should definitely look out for when buying an air purifier.

1. Smart App
Honeywell Airtouch S8, Dyson Pure Cool Link & MI 2 are the 3 air purifier models available in India that come with a smart app. The app comes with the following features:

  1. monitor the air quality index in your room
  2. operate remotely – switch on/off
  3. set a timer, schedule when to operate
  4. enable night mode,
  5. control fan speed,
  6. sometimes even find out how much pollutant has been filtered out all from the comfort of your mobile phone.

A feature worth paying a premium for.

 2. Mosquito Trap
This is truly a unique innovation. Available only in the Sharp Plasmacluster, this feature has a UV light that attracts mosquitoes, traps them and kills them. Great for families with kids
3. Real-Time AQI or PM2.5
Many air purifiers with pm2.5 reading features come with an LED screen which will accurately tell your the presence of pollution in your room. Most common is a PM2.5 measure which tells only the amount of PM2.5 present in the room and not other pollution. Philips Aerasense AC2887 has this feature.

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